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Share of the profits

When you become a member you receive a pack which includes your membership card. Use the card when you shop with us to get points based on the value of your purchase. The more points you save, the bigger your share of the profits, which is returned to you as an E-Dividend for you on your card to spend in store. 

You will find below a section by section explanation of the recent Share of the Profits correspondence that was recently mailed out to members.


 Points earned during these dates are paid out in this Share of the Profits payment.

 Your points earned in Central England Co-operative businesses.

 Your total number of points earned in Central England Co-operative outlets.

 If you are a Co-operative Bank customer, any additional rewards you have earned will be shown here.

 If you have spent within other Co-operative Societies, your points will be shown here.

 The total points plus any additional rewards will be shown here as a cash total.

If you are a new member & had £1 deducted for membership or if you’ve chosen to donate your Share of  the  Profits to charity it will be shown here. You will see what balance you have carried forward – as we  only pay  out in whole pounds.

 This is the total that will be your Share of the Profits payment.

This is the value of your voucher 

 Your voucher is valid from now until 30/06/2017.